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Ancient Aliens and the Illuminati View larger

Ancient Aliens and the Illuminati


2 full features: Ancient Aliens and the New World Order -and - Alien Watchers: Ancient Gods

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Ancient Aliens and the New World Order -

Jim Marrs, author of the best-selling book "Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?" exposes the truth about Ancient Aliens and their connection to modern rulers. Learn how ancient technology has helped advance certain bloodlines and monarchies throughout history and separated those in power from the rest of us. Learn the truth to the Alien Presence on Earth.

Alien Watchers: Ancient Gods -

We are now rediscovering the unearthly influence that millennia later would appear to have risen out of nowhere in prehistory Iraq. The Watchers became masters over mankind and a hybrid race was born. The ancients knew them as the Watchers, and we know them as Aliens. Prepare for the incredible story of mankind's ancient past and how it links to the wave of UFO experiences in our world today.

Fascinating insight into the greatest secret never told.” - OH Krill, author of "Montauk Babies"

"Startling research, the evidence is overwhelming." - Flatlands

"Highly compelling and well researched!" - John Jay Harper, author of Tranceformers Shamans of the 21st Century


SYE 083
Run Time: 150 minutes with Special Features
Genre: Alien, UFO, Conspiracy, History
UPC: 812073023134  

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