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Grindhouse Zombies



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Zombie Field Trip: A typical college field trip for a group of Botany students turns into the field trip from Hell when they discover they are not only stranded, but are in the midst of a host of dead walkers reanimated by an evil scientist hell-bent on turning the world into a Zombie Armageddon. The grisly nightmare of carnage and horrifying abominations abound until every last student is consumed! Zombie Slaughterfest: When the Earth is blasted with radiation from solar flares, a strange virus emerges effecting 99% of the world’s population, turning them into flesh eating cannibals. A group of shell shocked survivors try to survive by banding together but grow weary as the rotting undead multiply and grow more ravenous each day with an unquenchable need to consume the living! OVER THREE HOURS OF GRINDHOUSE ZOMBIE GORE!Holy Smokes, this is a full on Zombie Fest!- Deadly Indie Drive In

Grindin Zombie Gore at its Best! - Scream Queens

SYE 050
Running Time: 160 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Horror, Grindhouse, Zombies!
UPC: 812073021772   

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