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All The Devils Aliens


What Stanton Pinborough knows could change the world and topple governments overnight.

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What Stanton Pinborough knows could change the world and topple governments overnight. He is sustained by a team of nurses around the clock, but no one has actually seen the eccentric and reclusive ex-government researcher for over 30 years. It's Michael's first night on the job when he begins to see shadows emerge from halls and doorways. Michael's supervisor, Robin, seems to know many of Pinborough's secrets and suddenly disappears unleashing a maelstrom of horror beyond his wildest imagination. Michael has no choice but to confront Pinborough who reveals that he was a part of The Majestic 12 and covertly recovered an alien infant from the Roswell crash in 1947. He has kept the alien a secret all these years as retaliation for his own son's abduction years prior. Now Michael must retrieve the alien baby or risk being abducted himself. Hell is empty...all the devils are here.

SYE 003
Running Time: 105 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Horror, Alien, Paranormal
UPC: 812073020683

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